Saudi Troops to Fight ISIS?

Perhaps a foreign power will put ground forces in Syria

weapons-1135513__340In coordination with Turkey, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announces, feeling that there is a need for troops on the ground to combat the volatile terrorist organization. Both countries want to depose the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, putting them at odds with Russia, who have inserted military forces over the past year to shore up his defenses. Some in the West have hoped that Russia might take on ISIS more aggressively, but they have stuck primarily to air strikes, some of which have targeted forces supported by Turkey and the United States. The US has also proposed that Assad be overthrown, but reached an agreement with Russia when Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed to help Syria eliminate its cache of chemical weapons. Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, has long been engaged in a fight against ISIS in Yemen, which is much closer to their Kingdom, alongside their southern border. Noting progress in that arena, Saudi Arabia contends that they are ready to put troops on the ground to confront ISIS in Syria, presumably, in coordination with Turkey, to eliminate Assad, who has long been criticized as a cruel and dictatorial ruler. It is unclear at this time whether such troops would be attacked by the Russian Air Force if they tried to attack Assad. There has already been a dispute between Russia and Turkey about the Turkish downing of a Russian plane who was attacking Turkish supported forces along the Turkish border. Turkey contended that the plane was inside Turkish airspace, an allegation that the Russians vigorously dispute. Saudi Arabia has recently been very disappointed with the United States for negotiating a treaty with Iran that, in their opinion, makes it much easier for their enemy, Iran, to acquire nuclear weapons. (Guardian Article)

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