Some Roman Ruins Left in Palmyra, Along with a Mass Grave

ISIS killed people and destroyed ruins during their cruel rule

palmyra-1261114_960_720The Syrian Army, backed by Russian air power, has knocked ISIS out of Palmyra, but the damage to the city’s historical sites has been grave. Four hundred residents were killed during the occupation, Reuters news reports, and a mass grave for forty of them has been found beside the relics. The grave contains mostly women and children, some of whom had been beheaded and/or tortured. Archaeologists are surveying the damage to the historical ruins of the city, finding some sites irrevocably damaged and others that might be restored to their former glory, National Public Radio reports. Many analysts had feared that the attacks to retake Palmyra would be as damaging to the city as was the occupation of ISIS, but such, they were happy to find, was not the case. Apparently the Russian Air Force was able to target its attacks so as to not damage the ruins, most of which are from the Roman occupation of the city over 1500 years ago.

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