ISIS Plotters Snuck into Europe

European security is stretched to the limit

blood-18983_960_720While European security officials were distracted by seemingly low level lone wolf attacks, the New York Times reports, ISIS terrorists were steadily infiltrating the continent and setting up what would become the attacks in Paris and Brussels. The supposed lone wolf attacks, in fact, were purposely done as a smoke screen to distract investigators, and succeeded in doing so while the other more deadly attacks were being set up. These facts were confirmed before the Brussels and Paris attacks took place, as arrested terrorists revealed the bare bones of such plots during interrogations. Yet the security of ISIS itself was well organized enough to prevent the disclosure of key information, for the arrested plotters did not know the specifics in regard to where and when the attacks would take place. French speaking nationals were the key participants that ISIS recruited, along with French speaking terrorists from countries formerly occupied by France, such as Algeria and Morocco. These men were trained in Syria to fire machine guns and throw grenades, techniques that would later be so deadly in the Paris attacks. Other men became experts in how to construct deadly bombs from common household chemicals, and such bombs were quite deadly in the carnage of the Brussels attacks. It is now known, the Times reports, how these men infiltrated Europe via Turkey and Greece, amidst the thousands of other supposed Syrian refugees from the chaos of terror in the Middle East.

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