ISIS Blown Out of Another Christian Syrian Town

The terror group retreats from a city they destroyed

aphamia-1078496_960_720The Syrian Army, backed by the Russian Air Force, has retaken the town of Qaryatain, finding ancient Christian relics blown to bits and infested with mines, CBS News reports. Formerly a prospering Syrian city with tens of thousands of Christians, the city has become a wasteland, as many residents have fled or died during the cruel occupation of ISIS. A monastery that formerly attracted Christian pilgrimages was bulldozed to rubble by ISIS, and the city’s infrastructure, such as government buildings and electric cables, have also been destroyed. A prominent priest was held captive for months by the terrorist organization, and what few Christians remained in the city during the occupation had to sign pledges to pay exorbitant taxes to support ISIS. One Syrian soldier voiced his contempt for ISIS, alleging that they are supported by President Erdogan of Turkey and other gulf states, referring the the money from Saudi Arabia and other nations that support the radical Islamic Mosques. It appears, as the Syrian assault on ISIS continues, that former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger’s wish might come true. He asserted that it was best to let the Russians take care of ISIS, and by backing the Syrian Army, it appears that they are in the process of doing so.

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