British Man Goes Abroad to Fight ISIS- Gets Arrested When He Comes Home

Alleged anti-terror hero held by British police

tank-1063757_960_720Aiden Aslin fought against ISIS with the Kurdish forces, who are internationally renowned for their military strikes against ISIS. British Authorities have doubts about the truth of his stories, aparently, as Aslin was arrested and held for thirty hours before he was freed, the Daily Mail reports. Aslin told stories of driving in a makeshift armored tank while attacking ISIS with the Kurds near Mr. Sinjar, where the persecuted Yazidis have had to flee with the advance of the dreaded terrorist group. He had high praise for British Air Strikes, which Aslin contends are an essential part of military advancement to defeat ISIS. Aslin’s family where very disappointed about his arrest, and felt it inhumane that the young man was unable to immediately reunite with the next of kin who had been so anxious for his return. The young veteran has another appearance scheduled in court, however, and it seems apparent that the British government is determined to have a full investigation to make sure that he was not going to the Middle East to support ISIS, as many British nationals have.

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