American Born Suicide Bomber Warns of Things to Come

He declares that the Jihad is going to kill America

terror-1273082_960_720The Florida born college dropout appears in a video promoting the cause of Allah, but his appearance is post-mortem, as the young man died in a suicide truck bombing in Syria, the Daily News reports. Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha’s video starts with pictures of him in several poses, one of them cuddling a cat, which would seem to indicate that he has a gentle nature, but a later picture shows him wearing a suicide vest. With Muslim music being chanted in the background, he then gleefully tears up and burns his American passport, pointing vengefully to the American flag that is printed on it before setting it ablaze. He then launches into a lengthy harangue which shows that the young man has become enmeshed in the dictates of radical Islam, for in one part he castigates those Muslims who think that the normal rituals of the faith are far from enough to make them part of Allah’s vision. Most discomforting to Americans, however, are his threats to his native country, as he announces that “We are coming for you,” and Americans cannot rest easy that troops abroad will protect them from attack. “Mark my words,” he declares, and asserts that Allah owns America, not Americans, and that the arrogance of this country will be struck down. While growing up in Florida he friends shortened his name to Mo, but Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha tried to recruit his American friends to join the radical jihad before he returned to Syria to embark on his suicide mission, according to NBC News. The video, which is his last will and testament, contends that he was never happy in America, and that the attacks of the jihad he is part of will kill the not so powerful America and send them to the hell fire of Allah.

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