Who are Our Veterans?

soldier homeSometimes, today, in big city America, it seems that the anti-war sentiment is so strong that there is a bit of a disconnect with the Americans who are fighting for our freedom in foreign nations. Indeed if you check into the places that the casualties of war come from, most often they are from small town America, often in the cities of the Midwest that are quite far away from New York, Miami, Los Angeles or San Francisco. The touching scene in Saving Private Ryan, where the Midwestern farm mother is told that four of her children are dead is a scene from another age, as the family farm has for economic reasons faded into the mists of memory. Yet there are still hundreds of small towns in the middle of America who are not portrayed in mainstream television, the programs of which are about people in big cities who live among the millions. In the words of John dos Pasos, all right we are two nations, though his reference was to the difference between the rich and the poor. In regard to our Veterans, however, they are from a different part of America that does not receive the publicity and the glory on the television or movie screens of America. Yet these are the men and women who know the loyalty and sacrifice of the Armed Forces, many of whom have served numerous tours of duty in Iraq, Afghanistan and other nations across the globe where they put themselves in harms way on a daily basis. It is they who know the undying loyalty of those who, like some who have lost limbs yet do their utmost to return to the companies where their friends are, long to continue the brotherhood of service in humility, duty and honor. It is to these great Americans that we owe our freedom, and clearly deserve our thanks on this most important holiday.

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