US Air Force Blasts Away ISIS Radio Station

Islamic extremist radio bites the dust

transmitter-618533__340“Voice of the Caliphate” is mute since being bombed out of existence by American war planes, Fox News reports. The station was mobile, in the volatile region near the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and broadcast invitations to join the ranks of ISIS, as well as threatening journalists across the region. The Taliban, another radical Islamic group, have long been established in Afghanistan, and ruled the country in the 1990s, giving refuge to Al Qaeda and Usama bin Laden. They have a different focus than ISIS, however, and have been engaged in skirmishes with their fellow extremist group, who have a far more global objective in their radical agenda. Twenty one people were killed in the airstrike, of whom five were operators of the fugitive radio station. Since electronic communication in Afghanistan is relatively primitive by Western Standards, radio is a key mode of communication, and there are approximately 175 radio stations across the country. American intelligence will certainly be on the look out for another fledgling Islamic station to sprout up in the region, which they will presumably bomb into obliteration as they did with the first one.

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