Two New York City Women Arrested as Al Qaeda Plotters

Untitled-1054420-525x375Obsessed with propane tanks and pressure cookers, the women wondered why people wanted to travel to the Middle East to enact terror when their was a whole country full of apostates to attack right here, NBC News reports. An Undercover Officer had lengthy talks with the two room mates from Queens, in which they praised the 9/11 attacks and contended that Usama bin Laden had been their hero. They both aspired to create massive explosions to kill off many of their countrymen, and thought it proper and fitting that death should reign from the skies in America. Having had extensive online communication with Al Qaeda terrorists overseas, the women used the library to research the basics of chemistry to make bombs of pressure cookers and propane tanks. Convinced that the martyrdom of suicide would guarantee entrance to heaven, the two women considered themselves to be part of the violent army of salvation in service of Allah, as they saw Him.

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