A Russian Female Prisoner’s Narrative of Her Years in Russian Prison

Gulag / Perm 35Beaten by guards and fellow prisoners, solitary confinement in a cell two paces across each way, years in a psychiatric prison where she was injected with debilitating drugs every day: these were but a few of the torments that Tatyana Gavrilova endured during her 16 years behind bars, reports the Moscow Times. She was in the same prison where members of the female musical group Pussy Riot were locked up for insulting Vladimir Putin in a concert. Such brutal confinement should not come as a surprise from a nation that locked up millions of its own citizens for saying the wrong things about Josef Stalin, and at least Gavrilova was released after a time, which happened far less in the gulags, where the time of confinement was far more arbitrary. Yet her account shows that Russia is still rather remorseless in its limitations on civil liberties, and has a long way to go to catch up with Western Nations.

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