Russia Brings in Missile Launcher to Burn Out ISIS

CRY5-57U8AEJ9giThe Blazing Sun Flamethrower can burn up entire city blocks at a time, launching volleys of 30 missiles that spray flammable liquid on the target before igniting it into an all consuming inferno, the Express reports. The CIA was very impressed with a demonstration of this terrifying weapon, but other sources are concerned about the suffering it may inflict on civilian populations, when those near the explosions might experience devastating internal injuries, while those not so close might suffer the loss of sight or hearing. Parts of the battle in any war are symbolic, however, and Vladimir Putin may be publicizing this importation of firepower to extinguish the criticism of those who contend that he is only in Syria to prop up the Assad Regime, not to attack ISIS. Members of that terrorist organization, on the other hand, certainly might be intimidated by the thought of being attacked with such a devastating weapon.

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