One Paris Terrorist Identified as Homegrown

images (1)Omar Ismail Mostefai, a gunman at the Bataclan concert hall, where the worst carnage took place, was identified by the remains of his finger, the Daily Mail reports. Born in Courcouronnes, a southern suburb of Paris, the young man had a record for a string of petty-crime offences, though he never spent time in jail. He attended a mosque to the south of Paris that is known for its hate filled preachers, and this is the place where he is thought to have been radicalized. Some of his estranged family members, in police custody for questioning, contended that they knew Mostefai had a criminal record, but no idea that he had been radicalized. As to the whole of the membership of the Paris killers, it seems a combination of home grown and imports, as passports have been found that identify some that posed themselves as Syrian immigrants who came through Turkey, Greece and then Balkan nations on their way to Paris. It seems that there is an underground of radical Islamic terrorists throughout western Europe whose communication goes all they way back to Syria, where ISIS has established a Caliphate.

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