North Korean Leader’s Eyebrows

kim-jong-un-eyebrowsKim Jong-Un spoke about talks with South Korea, relations with the United States and other major topics, but what did Koreans focus on? The new style of his eyebrows. Jong-Un had trimmed them much smaller, sort of like two elevated Hitler mustaches, and this got people’s attention. Why so? Jung-Un is rather dictatorial in this regard, as his unusual hair style, with flowing black locks of hair perched above the shaved sides of his cranium, has been prescribed as the national hairstyle for men. That’s right, all men in North Korea have to get this forest on top of sheer cliffs hair style or go to jail as dissenters. It is doubtful that Henry David Thoreau, the Godfather of American civil disobeadience, would consider disobeying this dictate a cause worthy of going to jail for. North Korean men, certainly, are currently studying the new eyebrows of their leader to determine whether they, too, will become de rigueur for the men of the Hermit Kingdom. (Story in the Daily Mail.)

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