Morocco Busts ISIS Planners

Terrorist attack to destabilize the nation thwarted

alley-354451_960_720Nine would be ISIS terrorists were arrested yesterday, Morocco World News reports, before they could carry out a violent attack aimed at destabilizing the government and terrorizing the population. Knives, hatchets and high caliber weapons were seized in the arrests, and the government alleges that the plotters were in contact with ISIS terrorists from Syria and Libya. The arrests would appear to put a dent in the advance of ISIS across northern Africa, where atrocities have been committed that include public be-headings. The Moroccan group were from several small cities in Morocco, and government officials contend that their attack would have involved shootings and explosions, in an attempt to terrify the population of the power of the ISIS organization. Pamphlets preaching the power of ISIS were found in raids on the premises of those arrested, preaching the all mighty power of the ISIS organization and their supposed advancing Caliphate.

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