Jihadi John Unmasked

A-video-posted-on-youtube-reputedly-showing-the-beheading-of-American-journalist-James-FoleyThe mysterious terrorist with a British accent who beheaded American journalist James Foley on tape is Mohammed Emwazi, the Washington Post reports, and he came from a well to do family in London and graduated from university with a degree in computer programming. Though born in Kuwait Emwazi grew up in West London and was a devout Muslim, wearing a beard and following the social dictates of his faith. Friends described him as a polite fellow who was extremely focused, and that focus as an adult came, for a time, to be on the Islamic radicals of Somalia. Active enough to get under the microscope of British Intelligence, Emwazi was put under restrictions to limit his travel, and it became difficult for him to leave Great Britain. He found a way, however, though no one is sure what it was, to get to Syria, where he became a prominent leader in the wing of ISIS that holds, and sometimes kills, western hostages.

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