Israeli Couple Shot Dead in Front of their Children

MIDEAST1A_t440Palestinian gunmen shot the parents in their car as they were traveling between settlements in the West Bank while their children watched, the Jerusalem Post reports. Emergency responders pulled the now orphaned children from the vehicle where their dead parents lay dead, in an almost unimaginable scene of brutality and carnage. The children, aged four months, four, seven and nine years, did not have life sustaining injuries. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, the BBC reports, had just days before offered to negotiate for peace with the Palestinian President Abbas at the United Nations, but this senseless act of violence seems to make such efforts meaningless, as the terrorist gunmen are supported by the Palestinian organization Hamas, which is part of the Palestinian government. Hamas “bless the killing of settlers in the West Bank,” they said in a statement, and this was not the first of attacks on traveling Israeli citizens there, but the first to induce bloodshed. Netanyahu is also quite worried by the oncoming effects of President Obama’s treaty with Iran, the main financial supporter of the Palestinian terrorists, who will have hundreds of millions more dollars to use in support of such terrorists as a result of the treaty.

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