ISIS Proud of Video Training Children to Fight

ISIS ChildrenThose Americans who are aghast at children playing with toy weapons will be especially aghast at this ISIS video, where children assemble real weapons and pledge to use them against infidels when they grow up. ISIS is wasting no time making sure the next generation follows their path of wanton destruction, CIA News Today reports, and they display a boy of about ten pledging “I will be the one who slaughters you, O kuffar (infidel), I will be a mujahid (holy warrior) Inshallah (God-willing).” The Rubin Report puts up a video which they term the children are brainwashed, showing one of the ISIS fighters drilling a child in swearing to violent allegiance to ISIS. Children can be seen in the ISIS video assembling weapons and pledging to be the killers on YouTube, declaring at the end of their violent indoctrination “Alu Akbar,” meaning God is Great.

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