ISIS Brothels

In a very odd twist for such a seemingly Victorian theological/political organization, ISIS organizes brothels where Iraqi women are forced into sexual slavery to satisfy the lust of ISIS warriors.  A story in Al Arabiya News, based in part on information from the Mirror, asserts that female British jihadists run the brothels, using some 3000 women, many of them refugees from the Yazidi Tribe, and justify their actions by stating that the women are not Muslims, and thus fair prey for such degradation.  ISIS, which has their own Muslim women dressed in extremely modest black gowns from head to foot to prevent lustful viewing of their charms, apparently think that non-Muslim women should be treated at the other extreme.  Young male ISIS warriors must be on a head trip about the power of having such women at their beck and call. One such woman, crying out in desperation at her plight, calls on the West to bomb the brothel where she is degraded as a sex slave, the International Business Times reports. What is wrong, one might ask, with this picture?

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