Former Iranian Prisoner Details Horrors of his Confinement

Christian Pastor endures torture and lengthy solitary confinement

freedom-957491_960_720He endured lengthy solitary confinement without any clothes or reading material, and was beaten by Iranian guards when he wouldn’t cooperate, Fox News reports. Saeed Abedini was especially surprised by certain events at the trial that put him in prison where, it appeared, the Judge did not especially care for him. When he was accused of wanting to take down the Iranian government through religion, Abedini denied that such was the case, and that he merely had a desire to help widows, orphans and other unfortunates. He then explained that he would pray for the Judge, and the Judge chose to scream at him. It seems that the Judge was especially contemptuous of Abedini’s supposed desire for good will. Abedini was told repeatedly that he would be killed, and regularly witnessed the hangings of Sunni Muslims, executions that his captors forced him to witness. Iran is a Shiite Muslim state, a religious sect that has a lengthy history of hatred and war with Sunni Muslims. For a time Abedini was imprisoned with former American Marine Amir Hekmati, who he witnessed getting similar brutal treatment to that which he faced. He attempted to help comfort Hekmati with prayer, asserting that such devotion was the main thing he could accomplish during his stay in the repressive Iranian State.

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