Female Journalist Killed by ISIS in Raqqa

Internet opposition becoming a thing of the past

syria-1077184_960_720Ruqia Hassan was executed in September, the Guardian reports, and had a history of sending internet messages of hope to the people who did not enjoy the prospect of continued rule under Sharia Law there. Previously she had aligned herself with the Free Syrian Army, and shared their opposition to what she regarded as the oppressive government of Bashar al- Assad. When ISIS took over and declared Raqqa the capital city of their supposed Caliphate, however, things got even worse. Internet cafes were closed down and freedom of speech seemed to be a thing of the past, as the authoritarian regime began to kill off the people who opposed their rule. As this was occurring Hassan posted messages to her followers on Facebook, trying to give them hope that their might be alternatives to such oppression. There will no longer be such messages after her death, and she is not the only one to die for speaking her mind. Analysts contend that five other female journalists have been done in by ISIS, but their identities are not clear. Five men were recently executed as spies by ISIS, and their forced confessions asserted that the men had run internet cafes and sent pictures of Raqqa to Turkey.

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