British ISIS Terror Celebrity Identified

Normal Brit becomes cruel terrorist

jihadi-johnThis former assistant to the infamous Jihadi John grew up in a London neighborhood where he rooted for the local soccer team and, by his own admission, was as British as they come. A failed marriage and children with a Muslim woman and deep involvement in a British Mosque were parts of Alexanda Kotey’s transformation to becoming a radical Muslim, as he became a stranger to his own parents who were bitterly disappointed in the young man’s conversion. George Galloway, a formerly controversial member of Parliament, cobbled together a supposed humanitarian trip to the Middle East to help the Palestinians, of which Kotey was a part. British Intelligence did not see it that way, however, and broke up the failed effort, though none of the participants were ever charged. Along with Jihadi John, Kotey was a member of the four Brits that became known as the Beatles, who oddly were described by former hostages as being the most cruel of their captors in the Middle East. The beat them and used waterboarding, as well as subjecting them to mock executions, and one hostage described how he was kicked in the ribs twenty five times to celebrate his twenty-fifth birthday. It is not clear if Kotey is still alive, though Jihadi John was killed by a drone strike near Raqqa last year. Washington Post

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