Appearance of Terrence Crimmins on WPXI Television (Pittsburgh’s NBC Affiliate).  Segment of the Noon News called Talking Pittsburgh, a four minute interview with Jonas Chaney.  From December 27th at 12:55 PM.

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Who was Joseph Pulitzer?  A Novel

Who was Joseph Pulitzer? by Terrence Crimmins – Book Review


Book Review: Who was Joseph Pulitzer? by Terrence Crimmins

Crimmins has brought new dimensions to this towering figure in the history of American journalism.  -Professor Mark Gelfand, History Department, Boston College

From time to time a book comes along that may cause you to re-assess your thinking on a particular subject – or at least send you back to the library for more research. For me this is one of those!  -Doug Todd, Author of AFTERMATH: A Song for Tyrone

Crimmins pulls you right in to this fast paced story about a fascinating man. Pulitzer’s hard work and innovative methods led to big time success in the newspaper business. Crimmins has done the research, but the book flies by like a great movie. You are brought into the scenes, strategies and emotions of a hard driving, quirky and brilliant man who left us the Pulitzer Prizes. An accomplished historical novel. – Anne Kaier, Author of Home with Henry

“Who Was Joseph Pulitzer” is a fast paced, informative and very readable book.  -Judith Petres Balogh, Author of The Reluctant Trophy Wife

Hostages, A Novel

“Ripped right from the headlines”

-Anne Kaier, English Professor, Penn State University

“I think that if you like a good Suspense this one is definitely for you. There are plenty of surprises along the way.”

-Texas Book Nook, Bailey Ember

“This is a quick moving read. The storyline is captivating and will keep your attention.”

-Shirley Priscilla Johnson, Author, Reviewer.

“Had my attention all the way through. Can’t wait for his next offering.”

-Bill Waddell, retired stock broker.

“Wow, you will enjoy this THRILLER, it’s full of twists, turns, lies, double crosses, neighborhood punks, booze, and suspense. GREAT READ, GET THE BOOK, ENJOY THE STORY..”

-Dexter Don, Amazon Book Reviewer.


Interview with Terrence Crimmins for the novel Hostages

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