Redux of Bonnie and Clyde End Their Spree in Florida

Another shootout de-fangs twisted lovers

money-943782__340Blake Fitzgerald was killed in the early morning gunfight and Brittany Harper taken to a hospital with leg injuries, Fox News reports, which ended a multi-state gambit that included kidnapping, armed robbery and three different car chases. The adventurous pair started their hegira south of St. Louis, where they stole a Cadillac, evaded police in a chase before abducting a woman briefly to steal her Chevrolet Trailblazer which became their mode of transport to continue their crime spree in Alabama, where they abducted two people briefly in different incidents, stole two vehicles and advanced into Georgia to continue their spree. There they committed armed robbery in a gas station and ventured into Florida, where their shopping spree turned into a robbery in a department store near Destin, in northwest Florida. The young couple, both alleged to be thirty years old, had an unfortunately bad luck near the Pensacola Airport when officers spotted them and gave chase that ended their bizarre rampage in a shootout at 1:30 AM. Police were fearful that the young couple had some contempt for police in general, and that their adventure might end in violence, which it did.

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